New eco-friendly hydraulic binder based on a combination of inorganic additions and organic admixture: Formulation and Characterization

Mohammed Hussein KHUDHAIR, Mohamed Salahdine ELYOUBI, Ahmed Elharfi


This work aims to valorize a mineral and a natural resources such as the Limestone Fillers (F-Limi) and the Natural Pozzolan (PN) by introducing them into the formulation of cement and / or concrete matrix, to minimize CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, to reduce the energy consumption and raw materials and as well as, to improve the physical and mechanical properties.

In this work, we substituted the clinker by the combination between the F-Lime and NP at 40% by weight of cement with steps of 5% in the presence of two types of superplasticizers. The influences of the incorporation of these additions on the physical properties and mechanical performance of mortar and/or concrete in the fresh cement paste and hardened state were evaluated.

The obtained results by different formulations developed to show that the replacement a part of clinker by the combination between the F-Lime and the PN has produced a new hydraulic binder eco-friendly and durable with improving the physical and the mechanical properties, namely increasing the fineness, decreasing the density, reduced the water demand, minimizing the porosity and the capillary absorption. The setting times and the compressive strength have been improved.


New hydraulic binder; eco-friendly; inorganic addition; Limestone Fillers; Natural Pozzolan; admixture; physical properties; porosity; capillary absorption; compressive strength.

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