Quranic Precedence with the Extra-terrestrial Origin of Iron in Our Earth

زغلول النجار


The Glorious Qur'an contains a distinct "Surah" (Chapter) entitled "Al-Hadeed" (The Iron) which emphasizes in one of its verses (Verse 25) the following two scientific facts:

1.That all the iron in our planet was sent down to Earth i.e. it is of a celestial (extra-terrestrial) origin.

2.That iron is mighty strong and has many benefits for mankind.

This Qur'anic verse reads:

« And We have sent down iron wherein there is mighty strength and many benefits for mankind… » (57:25).

It has been recently proved that all the iron in our solar system was sent down from outer space. The precedence of the Quran with these facts is one of an endless number of other facts that can testify to the divine origin of this noble book.


The Iron, The Earth, Origin of the Iron in our planet.

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