Potential uses of seaweed bioactive compounds forharmful microalgae blooms control: Algicidal effects and algal growth inhibition of Phormidium sp (freshwater toxic cyanobacteria)

Soukaina El Amrani Zerrif, Nadia El Ghazi, Mountassir Douma, Fatima El Khalloufi, Brahim Oudra


Cyanobacteria are abundant in both marine and freshwater habitats. They are important producers of several secondary products, including toxic compounds known as cyanotoxins. The anthropogenic eutrophication and global climate changes have caused a worldwide abundance of harmful bloom formation and surface water contamination. In the base of the ecological consequences related to toxic cyanobacterial blooms, different process of management were adopted for maintenance and sustainable development of functional ecosystems. Through this work, we evaluated the effect of some macroalgae extracts on Phormidiumsp. (cyanobacteria bloom former and producer of cyanotoxin), in order to be suggested as natural compounds used for harmful algae control in aquatic systems. The macroalgae extract with significant effect on bloom forming cyanobacteria could be an alternative to the use of synthetic algicide agents.


Algicide, Phormidium sp., Macroalgae, Methanol extract.

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