Place of the genotoxicity in the ecotoxicology domain

Imane Himri, Assia Saboni, Sabir Ouahhoud, Mohammed Elyoubi, Iliass Lahmass, Amine Khoulati, Ennouamane Saalaoui


The ecotoxicology is the science which studies the effects of the chemical, physical and biological factors on all the human beings. Genotoxicity is a word in genetics defined as a destructive effect on a cell's genetic material affecting its integrity. The assessment of genotoxicity represents an essential component of the safety assessment of all types of substances. Regulatory authorities all over the world require data on the genotoxic potential of new drugs, as part of the safety evaluation process. The pre-clinical studies are generally conducted to obtain the basic toxicological profile of new chemical entities. So, the place of the genotoxicity in the field of the ecotoxicology turns out very interesting and very promising. The detection of DNA damage at the level of individual eukaryotic cell warrants significance in fields of toxicology, pharmaceutical genotoxicity testing, environmental/human biomonitoring, diagnosis of genetic disorders etc. This mini review corresponds to small update of the research about the genotoxicity which is a tool become inescapable.

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