Ecotoxicological diagnostic and marine pollution of Marchica lagoon (Nador, Morocco): Chaetomorpha aerea as bio-indicator species of water quality

Asmae Aknaf, Mustapha Akodad, Mourad Baghour, Brahim Oudra


Chaetomorpha aerea(Dillwyn) Kützing, (Chlorophycée), is considered as bioindicatrice specie of the marine pollution, usually used for the chemical quality verification of water. Here, following of Chaetomorpha aerea realized in the two sites of Nador’s lagoon in the following period between October 2014 and july 2015, covering the four seasons. The first site "Kariat-Arekman", is considered highest polluted by the reason of its location in confined area, and undergoing the effect at the disposed waste water. The second site “Beni-Ensar” is considered at the witness station because its almost free of pollution sources. The physical-chemical parameters of water (T°C, pH, salinity, Dissolved oxygen, NO3 and PO4) and biochemical parameters of algae (Chaetomorpha aerea) were measured in the gathering of samples. The obtained results showed the noted of the differences for the whole physico-chemical parameter of water and ecophysiological of Chaetomorpha aerea.
In addition it found a quality of improvement water of Beni-Ensar site, this improvement is realized essentially to the recent amenagment that was found in Marchica’s lagoon with the opening the new pass and that Chaetomorpha aerea could be used in phytoremediation bythe reason of the high synthesis of the proline, which confer their resistance against the pollutants.


Chaetomorpha aerea, Bioindicator, Physico-chemical parameters, Biochemical parameters, Pollution, Nador lagoon.

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