The Situation of Translation in Morocco: For an overarching vision and an integrated action



Translation plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between different cultures and nations to
attain a better mutual understanding and to be inclined to tolerance and compromise. For
many decades, translation of books in Morocco seemed to be an undeclared exclusive concern
of individual translators and editing houses. But, in a developing country like Morocco,
individualized translation activities proved to be inadequate to meet the growing needs of
book translation in so many fields. Fundamental changes became inevitable in order to adapt
to the rapid metamorphosis taking place in the cultural landscape, under the pressure of both
the information and communication technology revolution and the economic/cultural
globalization. A well-done translation, is not only a matter of transferring the contents of a
source text. It goes far beyond and implies the interaction of a multitude of factors.
Given the significant and swift cultural and social transformations in Morocco, translation
activities are facing increasing difficulties to fulfill their role in bringing closer different
cultures. In the region of Arab States and particularly in Morocco, several reports (UNDP,
Arab Human Development Report 2003, The Situation of Translation in Morocco by A.
Amid, 2012...) indicate that translation performances remain very much short of the
minimum expectations, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The main reason is that
translations are mostly the product of individual initiatives. In order to remedy to this
situation, an increasing number of specialists call for the institutionalization of the “translation
It is hoped that, if properly conceived and managed, new institutional translation projects will
contribute both to bring Moroccan readership closer to the ever-changing cultural and literary
situation in the world, and to a better visibility of our country and culture abroad.


Books translation – Literary translation- Culture- Translation studies in Morocco- The institutionalization of the “translation sector”- The development and the improvement of the ‘translation movement’ in Morocco.

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