Applying B-Spline Biorthogonal Wavelet Basis Functions to the Method of Moments in Solving Poisson equation

Mohamed Bayjja, Mohamed Boussouis, Mohamed Aghoutane, Yassine El Hajibi, Naima Amar Touhami


The aim of this paper is to introduce the application of B-spline biorthogonal wavelet with various orders (number of vanishing moments) in Electrostatic problems and making improvement in the moment method development. Due to the order of wavelet, the impedance matrix resulting in this problem is sparsified by wavelet, and consequently, the solution can be obtained rapidly. To illustrate these concepts, the two-body problem of parallel square conducting plates is presented. To demonstrate the effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed technique, numerical results for charge density potential, capacity, and error relative for different order of B-spline biorthogonal wavelets and dielectric constant are presented. Results are compared to the previous work done and published, excellent results are obtained.


B-Spline Biorthogonal; Base Wavelets; Poisson Equation; Method of moments; Impedance Matrix.

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