The best category of NoSQL Database for a complete migration from relational Database

Abdelhak ERRAJI, Abderrahim Maizate, Mohamed Ouzzif


Currently, some companies need an effective system to manage their data, which continue to grow to the big sizes unbearable by relational databases. So the choice of NoSQL databases is needed as relevant solution to solve and overcome the problems and limitations experienced by the relational model such as storage capacity, response time, the backup of unstructured and semi-structured data, and the extraction of useful information. The goal of this paper is the comparative study between the different categories to storage of big data: key-value, column-store, and document-store and graph store. This comparative is based on whole of criteria for determine the best category to a full migration from relational database to NoSQL database.


NoSQL, key-value store, column store, document store, graph store, big data

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