Tunable Microstrip Band-pass Filter based on Modified H-shaped Resonator

abdessamed chinig


This paper is dedicated to study the tunability of the RF band-pass filters based on microstrip resonators. A compact band-pass filter based on Modified H-shaped resonator is designed and simulated using ADS solver. First, a qualitative study of the proposed resonator is introduced in order to detect the geometrical parameters that can affect the frequency response of the circuit. Then, two tunable capacitors are connected to the extremity of the band pass filter. Increasing the value of these capacitors puts the pass band at low frequencies. Besides, the capacitors have the ability to attenuate the spurious resonant frequencies and to enhance the selectivity of the filter. The design approach proposed in this paper shows that it is possible to control and to enhance the frequency response of microstrip band-pass filters based on tunable capacitors. 


Band pass filters, Microstrip technology, Spurious resonant frequencies, Tunable capacitors,

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