Antennas at Millimetre Waves

Youssef EL GHOLB, Najiba El Amrani El Idrisssi


Millimeter wave is today’s breakthrough frontier for emerging wireless mobile cellular networks, wireless local and personal area networks, simultaneous energy/data transfer, wearable networks, vehicular communications and radar. In the near future, millimeter wave applications, devices, and networks will change our world. Millimeter wave is regarded as a solution to an unprecedented challenge to overcome a global bandwidth shortage owning to an ever increase demand for higher data rates and more reliable service capabilities for wireless devices, wireless service providers are facing, thanks to the
massive amount of raw bandwidth
and potential multigigabit-per-second
(Gb/s) data rates. This article introduces the basic challenges and initial opportunities for millimeter wave engineering, with an emphasize on 5G antenna design.


5G, SAR, MmWave, Q-factor, massive MIMO.

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