Hybrid Classification of OLAP Queries in Cloud Computing Environment

Abdelaziz Ettaoufik, Mohammed OUZZIF, Abderrahim Maizate


Generally, the execution time of the decision requests on large tables is very high which degrades the performance of data warehouses (DW). On the other hand, having high traffic can influence the response time of queries. Cloud Computing (CC) offers a solution to this kind of problem by providing a flexible environment in which data is highly available since it is stored and duplicated in different nodes. Optimizing the performance of an DW deployed on CC is indispensable task that aims to make cloud services conform to customer expectations by increasing performance at a minimum cost. This optimization is based on the improvement of various factors such as the response time to the client queries, availability, scalability, etc. Thus, having a voluminous and dynamic queries load can make the task of optimization difficult. For this purpose, we propose in this paper a hybrid classification technique of queries, in order to minimize his number and reduce the total cost of hosting the DW on the CC.


Cloud Computing; Tata warehouse; Classification; Optimization; Queries load

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