A Design of Microstrip Diplexer based on Modified Stepped Impedance Resonators

Abdessamed Chinig


This paper presents a design of modified stepped impedance resonator band-pass filter. Based on this new topology of band-pass filters, a microstrip diplexer has been achieved. The proposed circuit is designed to operate for the C-band applications at 4.5 GHz and 6.6 GHz. The microstrip diplexer is simulated using CST microwave studio software and Momentum integrated into ADS solver. The predicted electrical performances are demonstrated by the good agreement obtained between the two simulations results. The circuit presents good electrical performances with an insertion loss of 1 dB, a return loss better than 26 dB, and an isolation of 23 dB. This type of diplexers can be used in many telecommunications systems like Radar, Satellite communication, commercial and military applications.

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