Designing and Fabrication of the Microstrip Wideband power divider based on the Pi-shaped resonator

Azzeddine SARDI


In this paper, a novel structure of the microstrip power divider is proposed to operate for a wide range of frequencies from 1.5 GHz to 4.5 GHz containing the bands DCS, ISM and WiMAX of the wireless applications. The design of this new power divider is accomplished by transforming the lengths and impedances of the quarter wavelength sections of the conventional Wilkinson power divider into Pi-shaped sections. The study and analysis of the Pi-shaped sections technique is done in order to get a miniaturized power divider having good performances in terms of insertion loss, port matching and isolation for the three bands operating. In this work, the proposed power divider is designed and simulated by using the electromagnetic simulators ADS Agilent and CST microwave studio. The simulated results obtained by the solver are in good agreement. It is fabricated and mounted on an FR4 Substrate (er=4.4, thickness=1.58 mm), the measured results obtained are good for the three bands, and are in good agreement with the simulated ones.


ADS, CST microwave Studio, Microstrip, Wideband, Wilkinson power divider.

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