Analysis and adoption of management control: Application to the Moroccan public hospital



In the hospital sector, the importance of management control in the pursuit of organizational performance is at the forefront of current debates especially after the opening of the health space. It ensures the declination of the strategy
and the management of the overall performance. Currently, no one can deny its importance. Its adoption by companies is justified by the positive correlation between its implementation and the increase of the organizational performance of the company. In Morocco, two researches focused on the contribution of the determinants of management control to organizational performance at the public hospital, this was behind our idea of developing a conceptual model of research adapted to Morocco’s public hospitals. Therefore, our research problem is: what is the impact of the determinants of management control on the organizational performance of the Moroccan public hospitals? This paper begins with a review of the literature and the formulation of the research proposals, then the research methodology and finally the results of the descriptive analysis of our research.


Management control; Information system; Moroccan public hospital; organizational performance.

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