Physical Characterization Of Household Waste At Source In Kenitra City (Morocco)

D. Nebbach, F. Agda, M. Tayebi, M. Taleb


The production of solid wastes in the city of Kenitra has experienced in recent decades a significant increase that has now exceeded 330 tons per day or even 120 450 T / year. This is mainly due to the population growth and changing production and consumption patterns, as well as the improving of the living standards of the population. All wastes generated by the population are routed to the municipal landfill (Oulad Berjal) of the city of Kenitra without any treatment or recovery of recyclable materials.

In order to define the composition of household wastes at source ie directly from households without these wastes undergo changes throughout the collection system until arriving at the landfill, and the objective of define future strategies for the management and treatment and enjoy the possibilities of recycling such as composting, recycling of recyclable materials and therefore reduce the amount of household waste destined for landfill. We performed the physical characterization of nine samples of household waste with a total weight of 1886,77 Kg collected at household level from different socioeconomic levels spatially distributed in the territory of the city of Kenitra.


Household waste characterization at source recycling Kenitra Morocco

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