The theoretical description of cathodic pyrrole electrodeposition, assisted by a dichromate of a novel triazolic derivative

Volodymyr Volodymyr V. Tkac, Marta V. Kushnir, Nataliia M. Storoshchuk, Sílvio C. de Oliveira, Olga V. Luganska, Volodymyr V. Parchenko, Oleksii A. Bigd, Petro I. Yagodynets


The theoretical description of polypyrrole cathodic electrodeposition in lightly acidic media, assisted by a triazolic salt, was made for the first time. The electrochemical deposition of conducting polymer on cathode is realized by in situ formation of chromium (IV) dioxide CrO2 as oxidizing agent, and the proper polymer may be doped by chromium(III)-ions or by chromium (III) oxyhydroxide CrO(OH). The stable steady-state in this system has to be established rapidly and efficiently, and the polymer surface has to be well developed. Due to the constant changes in double electric layer structure, like also the enhanced polymer adhesion, the electrochemical instabilities (oscillatory and monotonic) are very probable.


Polypyrrole Triazole Cathodic electrodeposition Chromium (IV)oxide Stable steady-state

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