Designing of an ISO 14001: 2015 self-diagnostic tool for SME/SMI

Fouzi Belmir, Imane ZAHRI


In order to improve their overall performance, the establishment of an environmental management system has become a must for businesses. These systems also meet the requirements of external parties interested in environmental management. By modifying their management practices to adapt to a complex economic and competitive environment, companies have evolved this environmental management standard since its creation in 1996. The latest version, published in October 2015, adopts the philosophy of previous versions on the predominant place of the customer and integrates new concepts. The issue addressed in this article is to provide assistance to companies wishing to understand the standard and evaluate their EMS in relation to the specifications of the standard.
In order to assist SMEs in the deployment of ISO 14001 version 2015, and after a detailed analysis of the main
requirements of this standard, a self-diagnostic tool is
developed. It is aimed at companies of all sizes and all sectors of activity, to accompany them in their implementation of ISO14001, prepare them or facilitate their first certification or transition to the 2015 version.


Environmental Management System (EMS), ISO 14001: 2015, self-diagnosis, continuous improvement, Sustainable Development (SD), SME/SMI.

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