University contribution to local development; The conditions for a good anchorage

Nasreddine Aissaoui


A multitude of initiatives that have emerged during the last 30 years, in several countries across all continents, confirm a new type of local development. The latter is characterized by a territorialized participative approach, which involves several activities and several partners, promoting a new development model in a modern management environment.

Through this paper, we will try to highlight the concept of local development, to present the various contributions of the University in its territory that promote the participatory approach of socio-economic and socio-cultural development. Finally, we will highlight some international experiences that illustrate examples of how the University is anchored in its territory, including incentives that open up the University and facilitate access to the University campus from the outside world.


The local development, the University, the territory, the anchorage of the University in its territory.

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