The siltation of the Meurad dam (Algeria): a century and a half of management

Boualem Remini


In Algeria, the phenomenon records high values, since twenty dams are threatened by rapid siltation. However, more than 30 dams have a low rate of siltation. Our study focuses on the siltation of the Meurad Dam. On the basis of bathymetric survey data and investigations carried out on the dam site, it appears that the sedimentation rate of the Meurad dam is 0.0053 million m3/year. Currently, the Meurad dam is silted more than 75%. At 150 years old, the Meurad dam is classified as the oldest Algerian dam. The lifespan of the dam can be extended if a desilting was programmed. The extraction of 1 million m3 of silt by dredging technique allows the dam to run several more years.


Meurad dam, Silting, Water, Desilting

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