Irsan: the largest foggara of T idikelt (Algeria) in decline

Remini Boualem, Mourad Ghachi


In this paper, we address for the first time the functioning and status of Irsan foggara located in the oasis of In Ghar in the T idikelt region. During our visit in this region in the month of December 2013, we conducted surveys among  the local population. Investigations were carried out at the Irsan foggara. We covered the entire of distribution network of water for determine the status of the operation of foggara. The first results of this study show that the Irsan foggara with a length of 8 km, 504 air shafts and 36 kasria is considered the largest foggara in the T idikelt region. More than 400 families live in the water of this foggara. Approximately 60 hectares of gardens are irrigated by this ancient system. For environmental problems (Sand encroachment and rockslide at galleries) and socioeconomic (Contributions of new techniques), the foggara of Irsan degrades one year to another and risk in the short term disappear.


Foggara , Water, Oasis, Irsan, In Ghar

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