Experimental evaluation of the hydraulic and energy performance of three electric water pumping equipments

Youssef M'Sadak, Khadija Ben Ali, Mahmoud Elies Hamza


The present work consists of testing three pumping groups used for the supply of drinking water, to the test bench, to demonstrate the behavior of the pumps used after repair and maintenance by the SONEDE of Megrine (Tunisia). The experimental device of the test bench is use to measure pressure, flow, power consumption and efficiency. The experimental study of the hydraulic and energetic performance of these three equipment revealed that the repaired pumps had characteristics equivalent to the characteristics announced by the manufacturers, with a slight lag of about 5%, essentially due to the lifetime of the Pump tested. Compared to SONEDE, maintenance of the operating pressure caused a slight decrease in flow; this was corrected by a longer operating time.


(Electric pumping; Electric pump group; Centrifugal pump; Immersed pump; Characteristic curves).

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