Flood management: Case of the city of M'diq and Fnideq

oussama taouri, Ismail Hilal, Ahmed El Ghammat, jamal Stitou, Mohammed Hassani Zerrouk, Chakib Drraz


In the Mediterranean region, the importance of floods and their intensity, involve decision-makers to consider this phenomenon in their strategy. In this context, the determination of areas expected to be affected by floods is necessary for better management of this risk. The evaluation of the floods of M’diq and Fnideq in this article, allows to determine  the different protective structures such as gallery, storm depot, that have been realized during these last years. These structures were carried out by the company of Amendis, in partnership with ALOMRAN and the municipal council, in order to minimize the majority of the flooding impacts on these tourist cities.

The protective structures that were put in place from 2007 play a key role in the reduction and management of these floods in the study. However, the realization of a 1 km of interception channel along the bypass road of the center and allowing the evacuation of rainwater from the basins bordering the sea or the Smir Merja


Flood, M’diq, Fnideq, Sanitation, Pretective structures

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