Uranium and polonium radio-isotopes activities in surface waters of the mining districts of the High Moulouya, Morocco: Environmental Implications

Majid Issam


Abstract - The present study aims to measure and interpret the Uranium and Polonium activities in surface waters (mining lakes, the Moulouya River and its tributaries) within the Zaïda, Mibladene and Aouli mining districts in the High Moulouya in Morocco. The goal is to evaluate the contents of water in 238U, 234U, and 210Po and to link these contents to their possible origin in stocks of mining waste, rejections of mining wash and metallurgical residues of the old abandoned mines. The results show that uranium and polonium concentrations are relatively rather high in stagnant water of the mining lakes and in the Moulouya river water draining the abandoned mining sites. The effect of these old sites is well attested by the high 234U activity and 210Po detected in their surface waters.


Surface water, High Moulouya, uranium activity, radium activity, Zaïda-Miabldène-Aouli mining districts.

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