Assessment of the waters physicochemical quality of the middle Sebou river at Kariat Bamohamed (Fez-Morocco)

Tarik El hammoumi


Kariat Bamohamed is an agricultural region located to the west of the city of Taounate and north of the city of Fez. The surface waters in the region are mainly composed of the Sebou river and many natural springs.

The study concerns the analysis of physicochemical parameters (T°, pH, CE, MES, O2, BOD5, COD, Cl-, PO43-, NH4+ and NO3-) along the middle Sebou river region of Bamohamed in order to establish a diagnosis of the state of pollution of the surface waters of this part of the river. Water sampling was carried out at four study stations during wet periods and during dry periods.

In the light of the results obtained on the surface waters of the Sebou river, it is concluded to a degradation of water quality in both the winter and summer periods. In particular, an increase in the values of ammonium, COD and BOD5 in addition to an acidic pH due to marginal discharges and leaching of fertilizers and other discharges of wastewaters from the cities of Fez and Kariat Bamohamed.

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