Influence of soil surface structure and soil amendment materials on infiltration characteristics: Establishing urban flood mitigation technology

Rei Itsukushima, Yohei Ogahara, Yuki Iwanaga


This study aimed to establish a runoff reduction technology to counter urban flooding using soil amendment. We conducted infiltration experiments under natural rainfall to evaluate the influence of the soil surface structure on infiltration characteristics using compacted decomposed granite, permeable soil paving material and gravel mulching. In our tests, volumetric water content when using compacted decomposed granite and permeable soil paving material was similar. However, the permeable soil paving material was judged to be a high-infiltrative surface coating because the decrease in volumetric water content after rainfall was greater than that when using compacted decomposed granite.


amended soils; infiltration characteristics; infiltration test; runoff reduction; surface coating materials; water volumetric content

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