The End-user Continuance intention with an Open Source ERP: A proposal for an integrated model



The massive recourse to the use of the Open Source ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) recalls the necessity of the evaluation of its success with the end user, the objective of this study is to propose a model to evaluate the tendency of the end user to continue using an Open Source ERP. The proposed model is the result of a review of theories and concepts linked with the IS Success in addition to a qualitative study in the use context of the Open Source ERP. This model retains the causal link between the expectations confirmation and the satisfaction of the end user in one hand, and the continuance intention in the other hand as has been proved in the Bhattacherjee model of IS Continuance, furthermore, we suggest to adopt the quality of the system, the information and the service as an explanatory variable of the end user satisfaction, finally, the user background is shown as a moderator variable.


ERP – Open Source Software – Success – Continuance Intention – End user

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