Acceptance of mobile commerce in Malaysia: A descriptive study

Khalil Abakar Moussa Kaya, Nor Hazana Abdullah


Mobile Commerce, also known as M-commerce is thought to be the next big phase in this technologically dependent society after E-commerce era. However, its adoption and level of use is still comparatively low in Malaysia compared to other nations such as Korea, Singapore, and Japan. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to identify the current level of m-commerce acceptance and intention to use in Malaysia. A survey was conducted using convenience sampling with a total of 340 respondents in Klang Valley. Collected data was then analyzed descriptively to reveal the current level of acceptance and intention to use m-commerce.  Findings revealed the level of awareness on the existence of m-commerce is high at 76.8% although the level of use is not that high. Only 5.3% of respondents use m-commerce very frequently while only 36.8% use somewhat frequently.  However, awareness of m-commerce and experience using m-commerce are significantly related to intention to use while frequency of m-commerce is related to acceptance of m-commerce. These findings, despite being descriptive in nature, provide some insight on the importance of increasing the visibility of m-commerce and providing opportunity for the users to experience them to increase its acceptance and intention to use.


M-commerce; acceptance; intention; use mobile commerce; Malaysia

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