Achieving the sustainable development goals and private equity fund practices

Oxana Wieland


This research will evaluate Private Equity companies practices with particular attention to the private equity companies NORFUND, which is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The research examines several case studies regarding the investment of Development Finance Institutions (DFI) fund in developing countries to measure the impact of those investments. An examination of the standards adopted by the DFI's will also be examined. Reports from independent assessments will be reviewed to add to the understanding of the measurements used to determine positive outcomes. NORFUND's mission has been identified as a providing help to developing countries in order to fight poverty through supporting economic growth.
The author use this type of practical experiences in form of case studies analysis of Norway’s Private Public Partnerships development cooperation , in order to understand the complexity and resulting challenges of this potential sustainable development instrument. In particular, existing institutions, such as Private Equity Companies Funds, need to be considered in order to understand the factors that will determine defined targets of social investing practices.


Sustainable development, Development Finance Institutions, NORFUND, Private Equity companies Fund

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