Value-based intermediation for islamic banking institutions directed towards sustainable development goals

Arshad Roshayani, Muda Ruhaini, Nair Ramesh, Baharudin Idora


n Malaysia, the adoption of sustainable investing activity started with the initial development of the Islamic funds industry in the 1980s. Moving forward, the Islamic financial industry needs to realign their focus beyond compliance towards more wholesome value-based activities in ensuring long term sustainable growth. In moving towards this focus, the Central Bank of Malaysia issued a Strategy Paper titled Value-Based Intermediation (VBI): Strengthening the Roles and Impact of Islamic Finance in July 2017. This paper aims to provide a simulation of VBI banking practices in Malaysia. The simulation affirms the potential benefits identified in the Strategy Paper: (1) Innovation: Impact-driven mind-set creates new market opportunity through development of innovative financial solutions, (2) Efficiency: Adapting current practices to enhance impact, and (3) Effective Ecosystem: Improving existing skills, supply chain or solving common issues faced by communities or other stakeholders, which eventually facilitates business success and socioeconomic wellbeing of the nation.


Value-Based Intermediation, Islamic Banking Institutioins, Sustainable Development Goal, Sustainable Responsible Investment, Social Public-Private Partnership

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