Khawla GUENNI, Mohamed ZEAMARI


Mohammed YUNUS came with a magic concept which could upset the financial sector, while allowing him a rather strict evolution. This concept changed the life of a population neglected and excluded from the financial system. It is about the microcrédit, a simple formula which allows the financing of the generating activities of incomes.

The microcrédit is strongly related to the micro finance, and its characteristics are rather distinctive. It is the miraculous formula which makes it possible to fight against poverty, by financing the generating activities of incomes (AGR) of the people with low income. Often they are the women who profit from this type of credit, its impact is rather visible since it improves their conditions financial and social, and returns them thereafter autonomous businesswomen. The majority contract a loan of an amount raised in spite of the colossal value of the rate, their concern is to generate an important profit their activities.

This article presents the risk management of the microcrédit, while approaching the principal risks which threaten the stability of the AMC and the methods of their managements. Our project present the microcrédit as being the most effective solution to fight against financial exclusion particularly when it adopts the participative principles of Islamic finance.


microcrédit, management, risks, Islamic finance.

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