The state of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Morocco: OCP case



The emergence of sustainable development as a new vision for economic development has shown the limits of the traditional logic that inscribes companies into the creators' box of value. These business systems are called upon to play an important role in improving the societies in which they operate. This societal commitment to the environment is presented under the heading of "Corporate Social Responsibility"In Morocco, several companies have begun to implement this approach in order to make their entities more responsible and more citizen. The introduction of the CSR label by the CGEM since 2006 rewards companies that strictly comply with the standards established by the confederation.The Sherif Group of Phosphates (OCP) is one of the companies that has received this label, it contributes through its actions to build trust between its stakeholders, be it the citizens, the media, the local authority ... In 2011, OCP launched a wide-ranging program on the socioeconomic aspect of CSR and aimed at legitimizing its actions on its territory. The program was called "OCP Skills" and aimed at increasing the employability of young people and facilitating their integration into the professional world.

Keywords. Chérifien phosphates group (OCP), CSR, OCP Skills, CSR label, Sustainable development.

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