Societal responsibility of the elites and agrobiologist skills of the countries of the South in the demystification of the "Discourse" on global warming

Hassan TSAKI


Following the strong mobilization of Western public opinion and the major demonstrations in Tokyo, New York, Paris this past week, on Tuesday, September 23, 2014, a new kind of Earth Summit will be held at the UN headquarters, This time to Global Warming, after Johannesburg in 2002 in South Africa, 22 years after the one in Rio, of which it has adopted the name. What will be the outcome of the last 22 years of international mobilization around the problem of the continuous deterioration of the environment and global warming?Indeed, it would be a question of evaluating this mobilization, without any complacency, throughout the last 40 years, since the question was raised and institutionally committed at the level of the United Nations in 1972 (date of the United Nations Conference on the The so-called "Stockholm Declaration", which adopted a set of principles for environmentally sound management of the environment). How and with what tools or parameters the common citizen could appreciate, on his own, the degradation of the quality of his environment in the face of the Western productivist and consumer model that dominated the last 50 years. Should he be satisfied only with the opinions and analyzes of authorized experts or must he by his personal observations and his critical sense get a precise idea of ​​the phenomenon. Only about fifty years of intensive use of chemical inputs, including nitrate fertilizers, have been sufficient to detect the near-general contamination of groundwater in agro-industrial and developed countries. The international market for bottled water, which has doubled in the last five years, now exceeds 100 billion dollars. Our urban and peri-urban population now consume only bottled water and, beyond our understanding, our peasants and rural people are beginning to stop drinking water from their wells, while the latter has long nourished and watered populations And cattle long before them!

Keywords. Societal Responsibility of the Elites, Agrobiologist Competences of the Countries of the South, Global Warming, Sustainable Development.

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