Seven ambivalent scenarios for a sustainable world



Sustainable development is fundamentally a match between demand, which is growing with the growing needs of an insatiable consumer society, an explosion in the numbers of the world's population and the legitimate desires of poor populations to reach a level Life and on the other hand, a supply of resources limited to the physical capacities of the earth. The adjustment of this equation can be done by weighing on one or other of the elements of this equation: distribution, manpower, technique, regulation, parsimony, etc. But if we can weigh on one or other of these factors, the balance can be maintained, the social results obtained will be singularly different and variously desirable ... An inventory of these adjustments leads to a typology in seven scenarios. It is today's inevitable trade-offs that make sense today for a particular type of society. Stigma of each one is already present, but none of them is sufficiently dominant to shape the future. The choice is still open ...

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