Contribution to the study of medicinal plants used in the treatment of diabetes, obesity and hypertension in Tafilalet region (Morocco)

Mohamed Eddouks


 The aims of the current review were to give an overview of the contribution of our research team to the study of antidiabetic, antihypertensive and anti-obesity medicinal plants in the southeastern region of Morocco (Tafilalet). A systematic literature search using PubMed, Scopus, and ResearchGate was conducted in regard to studies (established by our research team and those carried out by other researchers) that evaluated pharmacological interventions aiming to ameliorate diabetes mellitus, hypertension and obesity using medicinal plants, particularly investigations carried out within our laboratory. Since 2000 to nowadays, more than 37 pharmacological studies were carried out by our research team concerning axis previously cited. Furthermore, we reported in this review that among 90 plants cited in an enquiry conducted in Tafilalet region, 45 were pharmacologically studied by different researchers throughout the world. We present in this review the contribution of our team to the investigation of medicinal plants possessing potential pharmacological effects on diabetes mellitus, hypertension and obesity.


diabetes, hypertension, obesity, Tafilalet, medicinal plants.

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