African Journal on Land Policy and Geospatial Sciences

African Journal on Land Policy and Geospatial Sciences is a journal specialized in publishing research activities carried out in the field of geo-spatial sciences and land governance. It aims to encourage innovation, promote the exchange of knowledge and scientific outcomes related to its themes. The journal's target community is made-up of researchers, professors and professionals working in the newspaper field. The journal also aims to promote scientific articles and productions at the African, regional and global levels. The institutions as well as the international universities will enrich by their contribution the scientific level of the journal. The journal can, among other things, deal with professional themes and good practices in the field of land governance.


Call for papers

The Editorial Board is pleased to announce the call for papers related to the second issue of the « African Journal of Land Policy and Geospatial Sciences (AJLP & GS) ». We invite all researchers, professors, and professionals to submit their articles in accordance with the following scientific domains.

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No 02 (2018)

Issue 2 - December 2018
Issue 2 - December 2018