Biosorption Studies of Fe (III), Cu (II), and Co (II) from Aqueous Solutions by Olive Leaves Powder

K. M. Elsherif, A. M. S. Ewlad-Ahmed, A. A. S. Treban


Using batch adsorption process, adsorption of Fe(III), Co(II), and Cu(II) ions from aqueous solutions onto olive leaves powder has been studied. Various parameters; which affect the biosorption process, have been optimized. These parameters include pH of the solution, initial metal ion concentration, biosorbent dose, and contact time. The optimum pH values for the biosorption of metal ions were as follows: 6.0-6.5 for Fe and 5.0-5.5 for Cu and Co. Maximum biosorption capacity has been obtained at 0.1 g biosorbent dose for the three elements. Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models have been used to analyze the experimental biosorption data. The high correlation coefficient values (R2 > 0.9) showed that the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models were fitted well with our systems. The maximum adsorption capacity values calculated from the Langmuir isotherm were 31.45 mg/g, 57.14 mg/g, and 16.29 mg/g for Fe(III), Cu(II) and Co(II), respectively, which have been determined at optimum experimental conditions. Olive leaves powder could be considered as an inexpensive, high efficient, and environmentally friendly biosorbent for the removal of Fe, Cu, Co from aqueous media.


Biosorbent, Heavy metals, Olive leaves, Fe(III), Cu(II), Co(II)

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ISSN: 2509-2065

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