Spatiotemporal variation of the soil potential sensitivity to water erosion. Case of the Tifiles micro basin of the North West Algerian.

A. AEK KESSAISSIA, M. Mazour, M. M’hamedi Bouzina, A. Nabed


This study is conducted in the micro basin of the wadi Tifiles, located to the North West of the Algeria. The region is characterized by repetition of the forest fires that have caused a reduction of forest cover which has exposed soils at the upstream watersheds to erosion and the downstream areas to flooding. to follow the spatiotemporal variation of the potential sensitivity of the soils to erosion by water, we adopted an approach based on the geographical information systems (GIS). The results show that the surface of the potential sensitivity to erosion has increased in time and in space. The surface of the very potentially sensitive class is estimated from the 71 percent in 1987 and 2001 and 70% in 2011.


erosion, soil, fragility, sensibility, watershed

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ISSN: 2509-2065

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