Impact of the methane combustion (CH4) and dispersion in an urban area

MEDJAHED HMIDA BENDIDA, A. Djellouli, D. Hamidat, M. Bouzit


The history of air pollution goes back to the beginning date of the establishment of factories near the urban areas. However, air pollution did not receive much attention until a threshold level was reached with adverse consequences on the human life, animal and even nature. Air pollution has become a global concern, but even so, most developing nations are still producing huge pollution loads and the trends are expected to increase. The present paper attempts to provide an easy-to-follow depiction of the impact of polluting gases resulting from petroleum factories in urban areas. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas. Despite its short life in the atmosphere, it has a strong influence on the climate. The present work is about the impact of the methane combustion (CH4) and dispersion in an urban area.


Air pollution; Numerical simulation; Methane Combustion (CH4)

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ISSN: 2509-2065

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