Leaching of 226Ra and 40K from cement based matrices

Nadia Rabia, H. Ait Amar, S. Sehad, A. Nechaf


A study of the leaching behavior of immobilized contaminated soil, as radioactive waste, has been performed using an IAEA recommended semi-dynamic leaching test. Different radioactive waste matrices were prepared by solidifying soil contaminated by 226Ra and 40K radionuclides, with cement and bentonite as additive. The experimental data of this test were fitted to a semi-empirical mathematical model based on simple leaching rate mechanisms to evaluate the mechanisms those instigate the leaching phenomena. The results indicated that the controlling leaching mechanism is the diffusion but the leaching phenomenon of both radionuclides is the result of a combination of first order reaction and diffusion mechanisms


leaching mechanism; radioactive waste; IAEA semi-dynamic test; 226Ra, 40K; semi-empirical model

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ISSN: 2509-2065

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