Geotechnical Evaluation of Bentonite Clay for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Lining Membrane

A. E. Ikpe, P. O. Ebunilo, J. Okovido


Evaluation method for 1 kg each of the three clay samples collected from Okada, Okpila and Oduna in Edo state, Nigeria, included elemental composition, and geotechnical methods such as attergerg limit test, grain size analysis and consolidated test method according to British Standard (BS) Code 1377. Considering ASTM standard requirement for landfill compacted clay liner, the sample collected from Oduna met the requirement with hydraulic conductivity of 1.077x10-7, liquid limit of 50.2%, plasticity index of 31% and 54.8% grain particles passing through #200 sieve size. The accuracy of the geotechnical evaluation was confirmed by using 50.2% liquid limit of 1 kg Oduna clay as 1 m thickness in the prototype landfill base and side walls, of which no shrinkage and desiccation cracking occurred upon drying. This is possibly due to the substantial percentage of Al2O3 (73.35%), SiO2 (18.80) and MgO (4.51%) in the clay crystal structure which primarily constitutes smectite.


Bentonite Clay, Liner, Landfill, Waste management, Elemental Oxides, Permeability

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ISSN: 2509-2065

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