The Prevalence of injuries among Medical Waste Workers in Khartoum State Hospitals, Sudan (2013 – 2016)

I. E. Eltayeba, E. A. Magdahb, M. E. Abdelelaha, M. Errami


Eight hospitals with different specialties and different size were selected and 300 workers were involved in the research study.  Specific questionnaire had been used including, general information, and Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) of the targeted group regarding workplace injuries. The main findings of the study were:  38% of the workers spent   more than 10 years in the job, 41.7% of them were involved in this job without having   training concerning their responsibilities. About 37% of workers injuries by needles during the work at the last 12 months, most needle stick reasons (86.4%) were during medical waste transportation.



Medical waste, injuries, workers, Khartoum State

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ISSN: 2509-2065

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