The Study of the Prefeasibility of a Hydrogen Hybrid PV System in an Isolated Residential Site in Southern Morocco

B. Boukhris, Moahmed Mediouni, L. Elmahni


Our research consists in studying the pre-feasibility of a hybrid PV / H2 hydrogen PV system for a remote residential area located at GPS coordinates (30.203584, -9.425989) in the south of Morocco. We are in a situation of solar energy prediction in order to integrate it into the Microgrid and, subsequently, to establish an evaluation of the electricity storage potential in the form of hydrogen produced by an electrolyser. Several technical studies are now being conducted on each of the components of our system that includes a PV electrolyser and a fuel cell. The electrolyser produces hydrogen from the excess energy provided by the PV. When the need for the charges exceeds the PV output, the fuel cell consumes the hydrogen gas to provide additional energy. The proposed Microgrid will constitute a reference and a decision tool for optimal sizing of its subsystems. To compensate for the investment risk resulting from a gap between prediction and actual operation, further study is to be expected taking into account two criteria: the cost of kWh and energy efficiency.


Electrolyser, Modeling, Microgrid, Fuel cell, PV

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ISSN: 2509-2065

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