Investments and growth: an analysis of the effects of public and private investment in the economies of Cameroon and Ivory Coast

Georges Dieudonné MBONDO, Romuald Fernand AWOUTCHA TCHIEUZING, Françoise Benjamine SOPPI ELONG


The objective of this article is to highlight the extent of the crowding out and spillover effects of public investments in Ivory coast and Cameroon on the one hand, then the contributions of the latter and of private investments to the growth of these two economies on the other hand. To do that the decomposition of Hodrick-Prescott by WDI (2019) data, to show the presence of crowding in the short term, in both savings through the cyclic component, with higher amplitude at Cameroon. The trend component makes it possible to identify the spillover effects of public investment on private investment. Moreover, to take account of  these com behaviors different investments dynamics short and long terms, the error correction model was mobilized to show that are impacts directs individuals public investment and of private investment on economic growth are positive, with greater awareness in Cameroon than in Ivory coast. This is probably due to the consequences of the effect of crowding out public investment on private investment, stronger in Cameroon that e n Ivory Coast.


public investment, private investment, training effect, crowding out effect, economic growth

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