Phenolic characterization and antioxidant activity of two endemic wormwood species of Morocco: Artemisia ifranensis J. Didier and Artemisia mesatlantica

S. Amine, H. EL Azzouzi, F. Radi, Z. KHiiya, S.Amalich, CH. Sekkate, M. Mahjoubi, M. Bourakhouadar, T. Zair


Artemisia ifranensis and Artemisia mesatlantica are two endemic species in Morocco belonging to the Asteraceae family. Located in the region of Moroccan Atlas, they are very much sought after by the local population for their therapeutic properties.

However, given the limited studies conducted on these species and in order to contribute to their valorization, we selected them in full bloom in the region of Timahdite for a phytochemical study and an evaluation of their antioxidant properties. The results of phytochemical screening revealed their richness in polyphenols, sterols, triterpenes and mucilages. The extraction yields of the total polyphenols by maceration in a methanol-water mixture (80/20) were 10.10% for A. mesatlantica and 16.66% for A. ifranensis. The determination of the total phenols by the Folin-Ciocalteu method after fractionation of the polyphenolic extracts showed the abundance of these compounds in the butanolic fraction of A. Mesatlantica and the methanolic extract of A. Ifranensis. For the total flavonoids dosed with aluminum trichloride, the ethyl acetate fractions of A. Mesatlantica and butanolic acid. Ifranensis were the richest. In addition, the crude extract of A. Mesatlantica was particularly rich in condensed tannins.

Evaluation of the antioxidant activity by reduction of iron (FRAP) and trapping of the free radical DPPH * showed that all the extracts have a moderate antioxidant power.

These early studies on A. mesatlantica and A. ifranensis of Timahdite reveal their abundance of important chemical compounds. Also, due to the ability of these plants to trap radicals, they can be considered as sources of natural antioxidants.


Artemisia mesatlantica, Artemisia ifranensis, Antioxidant activity, Flavonoids, Tannins

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