An investigation on Libyan olive oil in the western region

R. A. M. Issa, H. B. AlHanash, T. E. Kaakul, R. AlKout, H. Alkmishi



Thirteen Olive oil samples were collected from five different places in the western Libyan region with different cultivation periods. The physical and chemical properties of samples were investigated and classified whether they comply with the Libyan standard specification number 8/2002 or not. The density and refractive index of almost all samples were found within the normal range (0.908-0.919) and (1.4688-1.4705) respectively whereas the chemical properties showed a range of fluctuated values such as peroxide number (11.20-60.40), acidity value (0.737-17.94), saponification number (185.34-199.65), esterification number (173.84-194.36) and iodine number (71.00-94.10). A third of the investigated samples are considered to be of good quality mainly the newer samples.



Virgin Olive oil, Iodine value, Acid number, peroxide number

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