Solvent Effect on scale inhibition performance of Sargassum latifolium in industrial water systems

D. E. Abd El-khalek, A. E Alprol


Scale deposition is a major concern in industry. In this work, phytochemicals extracted from Sargassum latifolium by two different solvents were investigated as eco-friendly antiscalants which can be considered alternative to synthesized antiscalants. Sargassum has high content of allginic acid, which has the ability to bind calcium ions.  Aqueous (EE) and ethanol (AE) extracts of Sargassum latifolium were characterized by FT-IR and UV spectroscopy. Antiscaling performance of Sargassum latifolium was studied using chronoamperometry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. In addition, Scanning electron microscope was used to examine CaCO3 crystals.  The results showed that the efficiency of ethanol extract of S. latifolium is lower than aqueous extract however characterization data of the two extracts displayed that ethanol extract is rich in many functional groups than aqueous extract.  In order to avoid the effect of ethanol, phytochemicals extracted by ethanol were dissolved in water (AEE) which duplicated their efficiency. Moreover, preserving these phytochemicals in solid form controls the biodegradation of the extract and prolongs its shelf time.


Green scale inhibitor; natural extract; chronoamperometry; EIS; extraction methods

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