Smart Monitoring of Nutrient Content, pH Condition and Temperature in Vegetable Leaf Grown through Deep Flow Technique

A. A. Rafdhi, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, D. Hirawan, E. S. Soegoto, S. Luckyardi, R. U. Mega.



This research aims to develop a hydroponic farming system by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) as a medium for monitoring the quality of plant nutrition, pH Condition, and Temperature. The research method used quantitative analysis of plant nutrient content measurements for 26 days with two treatments, namely indoor and outdoor. We used several vegetable leaves (i.e. Bok Choy, Water Spinach, and Lettuce) as these plants are easy to grow, have a low risk of withering, and have a relatively short planting time until harvest (26 days). The findings presented that by implementing IoT in agriculture, the nutritional content of plants can be measured accurately, from pH, plant nutrients (ppm), to temperature. With the monitoring system, we can detect whether the nutrient content is deficient or excessive.  The system can also maintain optimum conditions in nutrient content quality, pH condition, and temperature. In conclusion, this research can be used as a reference for developing an optimal hydroponic monitoring system.


Hydroponic, Internet of Things, Smart monitoring, Vegetables Leaf.

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