Improvement of the mechanical and thermal properties of concrete based on lightened aggregates

Y. Hmidani, R. Elmrabet, R. Mariouch, R. Touir, B. Hammouti, M. Chahboune, M.S. Elyoubi. A. Chetouani


The objective of this work revolves around the search for a new lightweight concrete formula based on new natural raw materials and waste building materials. This concrete must have acceptable thermal properties while maintaining the mechanical properties used in buildings. In this work, experimental studies were carried out in order to characterize the mechanical and thermal properties of several concrete dosages. The results of this study highlight the possibility of manufacturing a light concrete mixture with a density ranging from 1600 to 1950 Kg/m3. This new concrete has insulating properties equivalent to those of silico-limestone bricks, hollow cement agglomerates and cavernous concretes, the thermal conductivity relative to the formulas of light concretes with the desired mechanical strengths ranges from 0.82 to 1.05 W/mK. It should be noted that concrete commonly used in building work is characterized by a thermal conductivity of 1.65 to 2.00 W/mK depending on the density of the concrete [1]. The compressive strength on cylinder of -all concrete formulas-, is endowed with a low quality with a value ≥ 12 MPa to correct with 32MPa depending on the type and the dosage of cement used, either CPJ 45 or CPJ55 without exceeding 500 kg/m3


New lightweight concrete formula; Natural aggregates; Mechanical proprieties; Thermal proprieties; High Performance Concrete.

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