Corrosion Protection Enhancement on Aluminum Alloy And Magnesium Alloy by Mo-CeO2 conversion coating

A. Ziouche, A. Hammouda, N. Boucherou, M. Mokhtari, B. Hafez, H. Elmsellem, S. Abaidia



In this paper, Mo-CeO2 conversion coating was developed to protect Aluminum 2024 alloy and Magnesium AZ31 alloy against corrosion.

The cerium oxide was incorporated in Molybdenum conversion coating which is considered as a promising alternative to replace chromate compounds. The corrosion efficacy was improving and has been characterized by polarization curves and EIS measurements.

The structural and the microstructural Mo-CeO2 conversion coating was characterized by AFM, SEM and XRD and the mechanical proprieties was determined by nano indentation. The presence of molybdenum and oxide of cerium was confirmed with good physical and mechanical proprieties.

The presence of CeO2 in the conversion coating had a beneficial effect on the corrosion resistance of the both materials.


Keywords: aluminum and magnesium alloys, Mo conversion coating, Nano coating CeO2, Corrosion, EIS, AFM.

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