Characterization and Corrosion resistance study of aeronautical aluminum 2024-T4 and 7075-T6 alloys

A. Derouiche, M. R. Kabiri, A. El Assyry, M. Mourabit, K. Tariq


Aluminum is one of the most used metals in the field of aeronautics, indeed, depending on the elements to which it is combined, it has interesting mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The main objective of this work is to characterize the aluminum 2024 and 7075 alloys most used in the aeronautical field whose additive elements are respectively copper and zinc, to do this, we carry out heat treatment hardening structural to improve their mechanical properties such as corrosion resistance, and a range of tests to study their behavior in corrosive and oxidizing environments.


characterization, corrosion, aeronautical, aluminum, 2024-T4 alloys, 7075-T6 alloys

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